Hiawatha Bluffs Living (HBL) is a permanent supportive housing facility that offers 20, one bedroom, fully furnished apartments for adults with serious mental illness within the 10 county region of Southeastern Minnesota.  The building is designed for individuals who have been unable to retain stable housing due to mental health symptoms or behaviors. They must have experienced one of the following in the last three years:

  • Been committed as a person with mental illness (MI) or a person with mental illness and chemical dependency (MI/CD) twice or had a commitment extended
  • Been treated in an Intense Residential Treatment Service (IRTS) twice
  • Due to mental health symptoms or behaviors, they have had repeated involvement with law enforcement
  • Been admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit at least twice
Hiawatha Bluffs

A trained Mental Health Practitioner is at the facility 24/7 to monitor residents, ensure safety, provide necessary transportation and offer medication management.  Residents at Hiawatha Bluff Living are required to participate in Adult Mental Health Rehabilitative Services (ARMHS) and Adult Case Management offered on site. In addition, residents are encouraged to attend group sessions, which allows them to learn more about each other and form a community within Hiawatha Bluffs Living.

Funding for residents to stay at Hiawatha Bluffs Living maybe available through CFR if residents meet certain criteria.  However, residents are expected to pay a portion of their room and board when appropriate.

Hiawatha Bluffs Living Application


All apartments are single person dwellings

The demand for apartments at Hiawatha Bluffs Living is steady.  To check for availability, please reach out to a Hiawatha Bluffs Living Coordinator (507) 474-1433.

Yes, this is a requirement to living in the facility.  You will be assigned an Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services practitioner and Case Manager that has an office within the facility.

As long as you are engaged in the services provided and continue to meet the criteria of those services, you can stay as long as you would like.

For additional information about Hiawatha Bluffs Living, please contact ResidentialLiving@hvmhc.org