Alcohol, is it essential?  Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center professionals Morgan Popp and Ted Barthel talk about substance use challenges during this historic pandemic.

Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center professional JoAnn Skinner walks us through how to cope with mood changes during the changing of the seasons.

Here are some great stress management tips and tricks!  Learn how to identify common stressors and reactions to stress, what is unhelpful vs. helpful stress and coping strategies.

Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center professional Kate Dieter provides some skills for parents to make the stressful times easier.

Some great tips for promoting resilience in youth and teens.

Learn how to thrive in challenging times with Hiawatha Valley Mental Health professionals Brian Delvin and Ronnie Ives-Virnig.

Learn some simple self-care tips such as; how to create a healthy balance in life, prioritizing self-care, and identifying pressure points.

When you call our crisis number, what happens?  Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center professional, GeorgiaLee Neal, will explain the following three areas; what is considered a mental health crisis; how does the assessment process work, and what are the goals of the crisis team.