Workforce Behavioral Health Services

Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center understands that in order to operate your business effectively, you need your team members to have positive mental wellbeing.  We work with our local businesses to assist employees with their mental health needs.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center provides employees of contracted businesses up to three sessions of counseling services, paid for by the employer, for a variety of needs.  Employee needs may include, but are not limited to; substance use, mental health, marital, and family.

Group Trainings and Education

Health Valley Mental Health Center professionals are able to provide trainings and/or lectures on various mental health-related topics for small business groups.  Previous trainings have included, but are not limited to; mental wellness in the workplace, suicide awareness, and managing stressful situations.

If interested or for additional information contact:

Isaac Mayer, Human Resources Manager