The community leader in delivering exceptional, responsive and consumer focused behavioral health services.


To provide exceptional mental and behavioral support and services to enhance the well-being of our communities through a non-profit structure.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Providing quality, innovative services that are accessible
  • Partnering and collaborating with other agencies to increase the health of our communities
  • Cultivating ways to fund services and staff resources
  • Advancing the continuing education of our staff members by seeking out the best and most current knowledge and training on behavioral health treatment and services


In all that we do we are committed to:

  • Integrity-We do what we say, and we own what we do. We do the right thing even in the face of adversity.
  • Respect-We are all valued for our unique abilities, qualities and achievements, and all of our roles are important for our communities and organizations success.
  • People Focused-We look at everyone as individuals and work with them to find the best person-centered approach to meet their needs.
  • Community Focused-We care about those in our communities, we value community ideas and we work to build a stronger community for all.
  • Continuous Improvement-Small, incremental changes for the better. We are innovative in our approach to continuously improve our organization and the care we provide to those in the communities we serve.
  • Compassion-We invest time into people and set them on a path for success.
  • Partnerships & Collaboration-We collaborate with community organizations that are invested in our mission to ease the financial burden and better serve those in need.
  • Empowerment-We provide support for clients to be successful and engaged in their community. We create a work place where members share responsibility for supporting our mission.
  • Financial Stewardship-We monitor our finite resources so we can provide for those in need.


Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center was established in 1964 by a group of concerned citizens and government officials of Houston, Wabasha and Winona counties. The group recognized the importance and effectiveness of community based programming, action and support as the movement to bring mental health services to people in their home communities gained momentum. The organization opened its doors in Winona in September 1965.